Ducted Air Conditioning

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With the touch of a button, a fully ducted (reverse cycle) air-conditioning system from esteemed air-conditioning will give you climate controlled comfort through-out your home or office, all year round.

Ducted systems can be installed in a new home or custom-made to suit an existing building.

The condenser unit that houses the motor, fan and cooling system is positioned outside of the building. An indoor unit is normally located in the ceiling or under the floor.

The outside condenser unit connects to this indoor unit. From the indoor unit, a network of flexible ductwork distributes the cool or warm air through a series of vents positioned through-out the building.

Esteemed air conditioning has the knowledge and skill set to give you and your family the all year round comfort that you deserve. Once we have agreed on the best solution for you we will take care of everything. You just get on with your life while we complete the install. Contact Us on 0403 115 948 or email us HERE